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Emeth - Catatonic Entanglement lyrics

False is the striving for a rational predicament
For when thou hast it thou shall know all it's bitterness
This ambiguity and absurdity of reasoning
Is the confrontation with nothingness
In an attempt to obtain the unobtainable
All that moves well moves without will
The recognition of diversity of positions
Is the rapture of the meaninglessness of life
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Elucidation upheavals the perennial disposition
That destroys the existence that precedes essence
Without ever being enlightened
d**h is the veil of life and life is the veil of d**h
The conditioned is the apprehension of the incomprehensible
It's subtleties exhilarate the paradoxes and contradictions
The fundamental connection between being and becoming
Infinitely unfolding within the present moment

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