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Emeth - Archaic Halos lyrics

Mendacious hegemony through the multiplicity
Of a hallucination concealed beneath sublime pageantry
In order to subordinate those "Who believe but have not seen"
It's not necessary to understand it's enough to adore the Penetralia
The elated domination of the hybrid effigy of proliferated reverence
Peremptory is inherent in the threnody
Elaborate endeavor to weaken the evolution to enhancement
Conditioning the future through patterns of dominant conformity
Opposition creates violence out of proportion to the magnitude of the cause
"The sufferings are not to be compared
With the glory which shall be revealed"
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An exaltation paradox leading to cognitive dissonance and abasement
Man cannot perceive that which man doesn't posses the ability to see
Anthropocentricity represents the infallible limits of the unattainable
Through pity that drains upon strength suffering is made contagious
A transvaluation of values as the essence of the Peccatum Originale
Patterns of dominant conformity
The foundation for renewal of a grand magnificent new world
"Therefore if thou shalt confess with thy mouth
And believe in thine heart: thou shalt be saved
For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness
And with the mouth confession is made unto salvation"

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