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Emei - Mirrors (♏ᚬℾᒌ⚛ᖆᎦ) lyrics

Joey, Ebidoku, b**h

[Verse 1]
I dress in all dark and I only go out when the sky is black
Never look in mirrors cause' I know there's nothing f**in' looking at me back
I know the deal, you know the myths, I know the facts
I hope you know your sh** b**h, cause' I know I'll be following your tracks
Ready or not there's really no point in fighting or resistance
Even though I guess that's really what makes this bullsh** interesting
You know it's true, I know it's true, I really ain't the motherf**in' same as you
I'm the beast, you're the feast, yeah that's my point of view

[Hook] X2
I got that blood dripping down my throat
Intoxicated while I'm swerving all over the road
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And you're pa**ed out in the back, said we're drinkin' gin
Feel the officer's blood dribbling down my chin

[Verse 2]
There's blood in my mouth and I don't know how I'm feeling now
The hungers gone, but the lusts still here and that I won't allow
I'll be out tonight, hunting down your kind tonight
Stalkin' in the front seat, knives bound and I'm f**ing down
We out here, out here, eyes bright in the moonlight
It ain't hard to see you hiding deep in the dark of the night
You think you slick? I don't give a motherf**' if you got them stakes drawn
Cause boy I think you might have judged the stakes wrong

[Hook] X2


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