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Emei - Bochi Nibuku (Cemetary Blunts)1 lyrics

{Bones-Verse 1}
Got a pack full of raps and a whole lot of dope to roll tonight
Ima take your b**h to the back to the back of the lac and hold her tight
All the windows down riding round your side of town
Tray full of the blunt ash got a trunk stuffed with that f**ing pounds
Riding round riding round, Rain fall and its coming down
Pinky ring go bling bling, but my switchblade don't make a sound
I'm swerving, just serve it, these b**hes call a good surgeon
Your girl say she nervous, so she pop a pill and she t**ng
[She bad, I'm good, find me swinging around my hood
Rolling back woods back to back don't get it misunderstood,]x2
[I'm rolling and smoking, and smoking and rolling]x8
{Ethelwulf-Verse 2}
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I'm sitting in a chair rolling up some weed
I don't give a f** about what you need
All I care about is me and me, and my W-E-E-D
Come f** with me, but don't f** with me
If you touch me I'll turn ugly
If she ug-i-ly, then she hang with me
Ima keep it real till I D-I-E
I'm posted with the Bones, carca**es around my home
Man I like to be alone, I'm to real to be a clone
I ain't human, n***a, move on, before I remix your dome
Airplane most stay on my phone, b**h I won't ever answer my phone
[I'm rolling and smoking, and smoking and rolling]x8

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