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Ember Swift - Rubber Bullets lyrics

We are ready to fight
We are ready to fight it all
We are ready to fight with our minds
We are ready to fight with our words
Let me ask you:
Who is going to police the police?
When they're shooting up the streets
We are ready to fight
We are ready to fight
They are criminalizing protest
And the evening news shows stories of the eleven "criminals"
Within a peaceful rally of five thousand voices
There is no sign of the other four thousand nine hundred and eighty nine
Who lined up eager to be heard, exercising democratic choices
In fact, they are ignored by cameras who film graffiti on the corporate bank
And the caption reads: "vandals charged at protest today"
And who, may I ask, have we to thank for this "incomprehensive" news footage?
Well, it's not just the media
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Because they are in bed with big business
It's not just the government
Because they are led by corporate interests
It's just a form of three-way incest!
They are criminalizing protest
They are smirking, they are smirking
They are criminalizing protest
And it is working....
Meanwhile, back at the protest
The peaceful yet persistent majority
With their placards and peace signs and petitions for their MPs
Just do not "have what it takes" to make for entertaining t.v
Besides, why be holistic, tell the truth or be unbiased
When the tv-watching public doesn't question and stays quiet?
And they rely on this apathy
The misinformation is the key and it further justifies forms of police brutality
(Please don't be quiet, please don't be quiet)

What are we to do?
What do we do about this?-a

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