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Ember Swift - Lick Your Lips lyrics

Summertime... Lick your lips
Summer time
Curl your callused fingertips around the sound of
Summertime... Lick your lips
How can we possibly employ a better mood altering incense
Than this is love intense, this joyous noise?
Better than a sold-out gig with double encore and magic in the wings
But I can make you have a double encore too!
And I can make you sing, and magic is stoking you in the....
Summertime... Lick your lips
Summertime... Lick your lips
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I just got back from a trip to the mirror
Unpacked my baggage and sorted my fears
Into neat little piles to be put away
Because I am here, I am here and I want to stay
Please don't doubt it!
But I can make you have a double encore too
I can make you sing (uh-huh)
I am thrusting your words straight back through the skin of their sounds
I am exposing your square, scared thoughts as round
Please don't doubt it
Lick your lips, Lick your lips, Lick your lips...

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