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Ember Swift - Boinked (The Bride) lyrics

White dress and a sticky mess all over your conscience
Happy is your day today, but forever is your penance
Sweetness seeps from lipstick smiles, then "pursed-lipped-ish" flutter
We are curving straight-backed aisles; we are the pattern of "other"
Yes it seems we're out of place, my lover and I
Especially when the people turned to me and asked
(with furrowed brow)
"Exactly how is it that you know the bride?"
I just sipped my drink, thought of you and lied...
Five short years ago seems I threatened your existence
You questioned all you'd come to know; secrecy sealed your resistance
Now I've come to your wedding in open-ended clothing
(My unshaven pits and) I forgive your fear and your self-loathing
I just sipped my drink, thought of you and lied
I considered the consequences on your special and the circumstances
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What was I supposed to say?
Because y'see, I boinked the bride...
I look at you and you seemed so happy in your different life
And I smiled at your smile as he introduced you as his wife
I came here with the purest of intentions and support
And you should know you've inspired my own commitment, of sorts:
I envision a world where truth is never inappropriate
So, I solemnly swear, 'til d**h do I part that... The next time:
I will lift my head, clear my throat and say with pride
I boinked the bride...
And I'll consider the consequences on this day or any day
Of keeping the truth in, it will eat you away because all I wanted to say was: I boinked the bride...
Now it's done; it's all confirmed: you're all that you can handle
I hope he gives good love and s**m and life without any real scandal
Why didn't you ask me to sing at your wedding? I

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