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Elzie - Wrong Side lyrics

[Verse 1: LEW]
Don't end up on the wrong side of this whole thing
n***as say they on the road to riches
But them n***as in the slow lane
Taking off like no days, p**y n***as get no praise
Me for you, thats no trade
Throwing up for the whole gang, because they f** with me the whole way
You would think they really run game how they talk game
But in real life man its not the same
They not to blame, thats how they're raise
Your b**hes ways were pa**ed down
You the man? Thats the past now
Im the man, n***a thats now, dont ask why, ask how
Im having conversations with my present state of mind about this paper I been chasing
Man Im tired of f**ing waiting like Im seating tables
I ain't got no patience like a doctor on vacation
I been plotting on this spot in the Jamaicas that I google every night for motivation
As of lately I been in my realest state because its all about location
Most these n***as never make it and sometimes that makes me nervous
But then I just remember I'm the only n***a worth it, yeah

[Bridge: Elzie]
Its a dog eat dog world
Im just trying to survive
...Stay alive

[Verse 2: Elzie]
Russian roulette
You never know who gone be next
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East Oakland, California, play with them snakes and you bound to get bit
These days ain't the same, so I keep a fully loaded clip
It's been that way more a while now and I dont hesitate to let it drip
n***as hating for no reason, so Im going to give their a** a reason
I ain't saying that Im rich, but Im still making something decent
Anybody out of line, trigger finger get to squeezing
And thats not a threat its a promise
Bad enough that Im fighting these demons
Life ain't the best it could be, but I'm still standing on my feet
Still getting to the money, I got four kids I got to feed
Got a mama thats counting on me, she made it up out of them streets
The least I could do is repay her by making her life as easy as can be
Loyalty is everything, that sh** is a major key
Thats why I could never understand a snitch, man that sh** could never be me
I pray for the ones that fell victim, and I pray for you n***as that hang with one
Other than d**h, telling is something you n***as can never get back from

[Verse 3: LEW]
Girl you never know
Is the clique about to blow, got this money on my mind
Girl you never know, yeah
If them n***as really down, because I never seen them round round
Man you never know
Thats why Im on the low, get this money on my own
Man you never know, yeah
Is the clique about to blow, got this money on my mind
Girl you never know, yeah
Is the clique about to, man, man, man
Man you never know
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

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