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Elzie - Be Cool lyrics

Be cool I got k**as in the cut bruh
They tote drums and they all tryna' murk some
I'm an alphabet boy I'm from east Oakland
No mollies but the bodies got us turnt up

[Verse 1: Cookie Money]
It's 2 in the morning and we on 1
No shootas' ride with us call we all bust
Tryna' catch this n***a slippin' heard he at the club
Out trickin' with them b**hes tryna' find love
You showed her where you live boy you f**ed up
[?] strategic not sloppy n***a we on point
5 choppas in the Benz with just a few blunts
We knock yo a** down and then we back up
I tell em' get down or lay down like [?]
Poppin' bottles coppin' whips like Meek and them
Cookie Money it's the mob and we came to win
I'm an unsigned artist but in the rarest Benz
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[Verse 2: Elzie]
I done seen it firsthand, take a gun and k**ed the livin'
The ultimate sin just hope that it was no witness
Goons all in my circle, n***as that I grew up with
First Glock I ever held instantly I fell in love with it
G19 held 18 yeah that thing was lovin'
Trigger finger itchin' one wrong move it could get ugly
Not scared, I'm just cautious
Not into taking losses
I done seen too many bodies drop and ain't tryna' be in no coffin
East Oakland a warzone and right now the war on
Black gloves, black mask, chopper under that peacoat
Westside we mobbin'
Benjamins we stackin'
Got a problem n***a then solve it
This Glock know mathematics


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