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Elvis Perkins - I Came For Fire lyrics

I turn up like midnight
Like the edge of town
Of all the loose matches
I'll move among the found
In fact they'll call me sire
As I rise to the crown
I came for fire
A stickup, a cave, no sound Quiet the sirens
Down every dead end seed
Let in to the sun way
The eye teeth
The diet white tiger
I force her to feed
I came for fire
My shade grows long against the trees Lift the trumpet
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Lead the unicorn
Into the night
No more forlorn
The tower is wired
To fall to a thorn
I came for fire
I put it to each, all form Just one second
Before we end
And back to the stars
Return again
I can hear the choirs
From inside the curtain
I came for fire
If I go I know I come back again
Or I stay for love

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