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Elvis Perkins - & Eveline lyrics

Took a powder from a life
of a carrion type
mystery meats
in the dull before dawn, O I was brought up
in the early night
said 'oh, well
alright' with eyes
on the mountains
since my work as
a young girl But now way
way New Age
way way New Age From the cradle with a bang
to the Garden State I came
when a voice sang to me
and this exactly what it said: 'Will you be the rose to the stone?
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Will you come to drive the needles' own?
They'll say what they'll say
O and you'll translate it, O
The morning from night' Way way out of the way
Way way out of the way Yet, fully formed I sprang
the wind in my cell rang
I came all the way up the vein of interstate To be the rose the stone
a bloom of new flesh on the bone
O, say what you'll say
O, honey I'll translate it, O
the morning from night The jet into a powder form of light
taken at the head of a new life
once more you make it through the night
on the floor the sleepers open wide
a door to the feeder of the fire
sings me to life on the vine

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