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Elvis Kuehn - 5 To 9 lyrics

One, Two, Three

Was three o'clock! (Three o'clock!) in the morning, double vision with my homies
Four o'clock! (Four o'clock!) feeling funny, got no car and we got no money

Ahhhhhh ahhhhh haaaahhhh

Five o'clock! (Five o'clock!) bumming, sunset, drinking forties till we can't see
Six o'clock! (Six o'clock!) get too bent and ask if Evan's got anything

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Ahhhhhh ahhhhh haaaahhhh

Was Eight o'clock! (Eight o'clock!) feeling sh**ty, coming down off cheap PCP
Nine o'clock!, (Nine o'clock!) drunk and driving, on my way to Culver City

Ahhhhhh ahhhhh haaaahhhh

Ten o'clock! (Ten o'clock!) stuck in traffic, taking bong rips in the backseat
Twelve o'clock! (Twelve o'clock!) get arrested on my way to LA County

Ahhhhhh ahhhhh haaaahhhh

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