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Electric Sex Panther - Intro Jam lyrics

I imagine I'm an intergalactic radical, with a bat and all the firepower prepared to defend the planet

What's attacking is dead set, but we can get at it before it even matters. The best bet, we gather..

The strongest to be ready, winding up the machete for misdirecting the potentially heavy setting. I'm betting..

My friend is getting info: a database larger than the serengeti, inaccessible by ferry..
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If this meteor decides to Ong-Bak double knee flame trail drop from the top of wherever gravity is letting

Feel the weight, anticipate the impact. Tomorrow's news, I can see the heading

Yo. It could not be stopped. Earth as we know it is lost, but at what cost? A giant hole in the ground is boss..

An awesome spot for rocking. Vacant lot of ramps and lava rock. A massive double-flip to sand and landing no handed, like any damn thing is possible on the planet

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