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Electric Sasquatch - Divinorum lyrics

Suddenly came the doubt full of pain
Breathing some death, now you're so far away
I feel strange, how can I be so fool,
The dream is over, welcome my friend. How can I know? Am I really alive?
The coldness invades me
Wake me up, wake me up.
Ahhhh... I'm afraid there's no escape here
There's no ways, no roads, no wings
To go with the wind,
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Oh honey are you real?
Our skins don't touch anymore
And I'm feeling like someone else
It's happening again
Oh baby I'm lost in memories,
Creatures are talking inside my head,
And I'm watching the reason lying dead Oh come on my friend, just take me away
I don't wanna be here, between you and me in eternity
Oh no.... Oh it's shaman's time... Are you real? Are you real?
Are you real honey?

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