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El Kat Ego - Feeling Me lyrics


They told me I'm k**ing it,
Shout out to all those been feeling me (X2)
Thank you for that, I'm taking it seriously.
{Thank you for all of the love (X2), thank you for that}

Wrote this verse at about 1AM
I'm thinking of those who be screaming my name,
They feeling me ,over again
The feeling amazing I owe it to father I pray>>
I'm grinding to get it,
Not bout the cash, but been wanting to tell em
My story and father I hope that they hear me,
It is a journey and this the beginning>>
Slow slow slow walk now
I'm becoming wavy_where's the talk now,
Look El Kat a high score now.
Tell me what you hustle for now>>
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Mama I hope that I get it,
Mama I hope I don't end up regretting
Taking decisions and thinking I'm winning,
Just disappointing I hope you'll forgive me.


Another one just to say thank you,
They see me they talking of rare views.
With a bit of a smile, the greatest of time, my n***a build me a statue>>
Without the love I wouldn't be here,
You cried, you cried me a river
You died, you died me a liver
Now its time for me just to deliver>>
Coming back in the game,
I'm angry and I'm on a rage. (X2)
17 is the age, grind so hard thinking of the stage.


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