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El Kat Ego - Dont Mind (feat h2O_Lunatic & h2O_Tazer) lyrics

Who that n***a' that be talkin
Who that b**h didn't believe
30 000 for a feature
Your girl be comin' with me sh**
Chendo my n***a' he bout it, he put that sh** just on a low-low
Cory just asked me to put him on
My n***a I no more do promos>>

I don't mind! My n***a' I nomore do promos thouu' (x2)
I don't mind! I don't mind! sh**, I don't mind!

El Kat Ego's Bridge- yea man like n***as be asking for promos like my n***a do it yourself, I ain't got time to be promoting you, I'm just doing my own sh** right here, be on your grind leave me alone, I'm just about to takeover

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Man I just don't f** with no basics (I don't)
Shout out my n***a maintaining (he maintaining)
All this to n***as who fakin' and b**hes out there who be praying
Your prayers been paying their debt now, not every girl can just get'it
Can I hear it for El Kat now, not every girl can just get'it>>
So shutout to all of my ex's, and shout out to brother Exquisite
My babe is most prolly your dream girl, but don't be counting up my blessings
Man I just don't f** with y'all n***as, you fake mutherf**ers and haters
And thing is my n***a I'm outchea, outchea and grinding for figures
Where y'all n***as when I'm grinding? n***as show when I blow
Where y'all n***as when I'm crying? You don't know me at all
You don't know me for sh**, you don't know me no-no
Where y'all n***as when I'm crying , you don't know me for sure


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