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Ego (FT) - Exhibit J lyrics

[Verse 1: Ego]
You know I can
Spin any MC in the room like fans
Any MC wanna try move shift
I'll hop out the whip and leng a man down
Man wanna come here hyping to me
Drop man out the door with the cheekiest bang
Swag MCs wanna talk 'bout war
That they never took part in, they ran

[Verse 2: Merky ACE]
Still on my same old
Dodging them feds in the uniform
And looking out for the ones in plain clothes
Heat in the rain but there's no rainbow
You can get it anywhere, alley or main road
Don't get it twisted cause I do stage shows
I'll still put wings in your back
And give you a halo
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[Verse 3: TKO]
Real hustlers don't sleep
We get grub, then we go eat
More time, on the low from the police
Coming round to my block, it's so peak
I remember when I had no P
And one Z only
Them times, I was tryna stay lowkey
[?] phones me

[Verse 4: Shifman]
Yo, FT
You can get yourself effed up
When we come through, sets get effed up
Big bars tek off your head, heads up
Man wanna war me? You won't get up
Man must've thought that he can't get touched
Don't get it twisted cause I look sweet
Cause you're looking in my face and you can't see cuts

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