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Ego (FT) - Come, Let's Rally lyrics

[Verse 1: Ego]
(Ego) Equals a hype ting
Jump in the booth, spit something exciting
Bounce that, run radio on a hype ting
Dem man are still on some funky hype
Us man, we are the sluming type
Can't get one up on us on a hype ting
Us man stayed around tools that will smash up your car
Or your mumzy's car on a spaz ting
No hype ting
I'm down to ride out till I'm all deadout
Old boss [?]
Slap something hot on your head
Spit dirt till I'm gone, hit dirt till I'm dead
Cause I do this ting, please don't think I won't
Gloves on, thump one and slump one

[Verse 2: Shifman]
(Shif) Dun told 'em already, fam, that I cause damage
I'll leave Matt slumped in his own pa**age
Come to his yard and I'll let him have it
Don't ever think I won't, think I won't bang it
Come like a sun, bare skin, I'll tan it
Things get nuts when I start for the 'matic
Mek a man do 2 2 acrobatic
Roll with a pump like say I'm asthmatic
When I pump the pump
Dun know, fam, arsey's what I'm like
If I let it off, fam, then you're gonna see lights
Beef with me? Best know it's on sight
When I'm holding a match, best know I ain't hype
(Clap) I'll clap your headtop in the sky
Tings get nuts when the ting's on my side
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[Verse 3: TKO]
(TK) f** the malarkey
The beat is sh** if it ain't Faze Miyake
Tune is sh** if it does not star me
Merky, Shif, Ego or MI
You know I'm barmy
Couple man deep don't think you can par me
Got something mad that will make your darg eat
All real talk, now, why would I L-I
E's what I sold when I went couple parties
Most time to Dean and some time to Charlie
Couple new Gs in the cut with the semi
So man just best watch the cartis
Cause you can catch three in a row like Sharky
I'm slumping your j**els while you grind with a Barbie

[Verse 4: Merky ACE]
(Merky) Come, let's rally
Man get slumped and left in the corner
Take away life like a Chinese order
Holes in a man like recorder
Holes in a man like flute
Smash the window, drag man out the coupe
I'll be aiming at heads, f** aiming at shoes
Leave you holding your neck while your blood does ooze
Hungry, starving, but I've got food
Grinding, grinding, that's what I do
But no slow winding with gash that's loose
If I ain't shotting or shooting
Then Merky ACE is probably in suits
Don't think that I need help with my English
When I say that I'm in the bestest crew

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