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Eddie Brigati - Intro / Easy Rollin' lyrics

Once upon a dream

Easy rollin' (ah)
Ain't no need to hurry at all


It's just a special morning when I wake yawning
And sun is shining
I feel like I've been dreaming and freelance scheming
On colored rainbows

Everything's fine
As long as it's
(Mmm) Easy rollin'
You never see me worry no more
No, no

Don't have a care or worry, no need to hurry
For relaxation
Turning in all my ha**les and building castles (easy)
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For my vacation

(Easy) It's gonna be nice now
Just keeping it
Easy rollin' (Mmm)
No need to hurry at all
Believe it, you don't have to worry
Mmm mmm mmm mmm

(Easy) mmm, no

I'm living a dream a minute, deep down within it
My life's a flower
Don't think that I would change or rearrange
A single hour

Everything's fine now
It's got to be
Easy rollin' (mmm)
Don't you hurry at all (don't worry)
Don't you worry no more (easy)
Don't have to hurry home (mmm)
Keep it easy

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