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Ed1 Jetson - Sophomore lyrics

By @ed1jetson

Waking up on couches, seems like everyday
I'm a hippie, student, rapper, starving artist to stay
No I don't have a job, or a 401k
Living pleasures of tomorrow in the comfort of today
Maaannn, f** this internship
They dont f**ing pay me sh**
Getting networked is the plan
Cla**y bastards, racist b**h
Eating bullsh** out my hand
Take advantage of these dicks
Corporate downfall come to them
Man im f**in villainous
New yorks batman doesn't live
This is chaos, ledger lives
See im ashin on your kids
Just the green, I quit the cigs
We makin money off cops, your daughters and sons
They're all robbers, souls hollow, the deadliest ones
b**h models weighing less than a f**ing hash pipe
But they hit that crack pipe, bloody noses, slim dikes
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But once I graduate
Im bound to levitate
Selling thoughts for money, mullah thoughts, im set on getting paid
Getting off of getting weight, wait im getting off being straight
No homo...
Its kind of ironic that a church will make you turn quick
Taking in the prostitute, and now this ho takes no dick
And just like my jeans
She gotten less looser
We're paralleled in thought
Seeing life more vivid
Hahah listen brah im..
Chillen in cla** wit a spine full of acid, id rather show up then be caught skippin cla**es
Graduation throw up, not bulimic just our hats see, my girl wanna f** but my dick so flacid
So what my goals elevated
And I guess my mind went with it?
But listen b**h I ain't lost sh**
And I still roll a perfect blunt
Just a young mulatto throwing money on the lotto
Smoking in the ivy leagues for my futures survival
Know my mind is my ticket out the SHIT I was raised in
At times need a break, gettin stupid, stay blazin

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