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Ed1 Jetson - Liver Envy lyrics

By @ed1jetson

Drinkin n smokin so im spittin sloppy
Hood sh**, ivy elevated, can't copy

Time for a little school
You dummy drop out
You workin nine to five
I spend the night out
Well im tryna
f**in five-thirty Aye eM, BUST
They behind ya
Poppin pigs like a pimple... PUSS
Cop lives, I dont give one... CUZZ
They can't pull me under tint
Drivin urban in a suburban
Street side b**hes get the hint
Dirty thirsty lupin the third, N
Hertz not needed, but shes hurtin

Never leavin evidence
Melting plastic on my prints
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Slippin, spendin all my cents
You sippin so I smash that, I love her cause that a** fat
She loved me for my stock, now im feelin like the nasdaq
Wipe it out, flush it down
Round and round and round...
A pretty diver, an olympian
Chalie sheen he wins and wins
Smells like f**in cinnamon
You can't f**in be with him
f** that b**h again again
f**in every b**h... FUCK him
Callin me an immagrant, your a f**in immagrant
The worst kind, yall stealing land and k**ing sh**
See you reap what you sow tho
I sowed her, now im reapin you bro
Raised in weath, painless livins, but you say your hard, prove it
Born to a heartless goblin, im the hate that hate produces
The outcome of child abuses
Showin you a pens many uses
Bleedin, drippin body juices
Revenge in the end fixes nothin
But its kinda like some glue sh**...
Good enough...

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