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Ed1 Jetson - N.Y.C.A.D.H.D. lyrics

By @ed1jetson

(Verse 1)
f** the crack rock, b**h im on the black rock
Scrappin up the tar from my bowl once it got hot
Im poor
Im not
f** war
Smoke pot
Im a hippie, I occuppied wall street
Tell me did you see me
Now im on the clams beats
Capitalism... more cheese
But im a socalist, smoking green with fellow kids
Sharing wealth is the only way we f**ing win
They hired pam, they hired jim
But that office, they won't hire him
Hes a hispanic, that makes them panic
They'd rather send his a** to Iraq And..
Bleeding dripping body juices in the casket
I guess us young people
We dont give a f**
We just wanna get a f**
Get it lamar, you said it best

(Verse 2)
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I dont wanna go to war
Dont wanna k** a terrorist
Just wanna pop that white head
My boss, oh, now hes dead
Spillin blood im staind red
Red wine, pa**ed over break bread
f**ing sick as sh**, f** the meds
Spreadin it, touch me faggot, catch that sick
Froyd says im not crazy cause I know im crazy
But listen brah I just f**in know im crazy
Im headed to the mall, sell them girls an 8ball
Charging them my double price
f** them over, mad polite
She begs me even crawls
Got her so f**ed up that shes feelin on the wall
This spoiled b**h riding on my balls
She chose this life, tho shes has it all
Sad to say, two weeks later, found her body in a stall
She had it all, she had it all

(Outro Verse)
Fist Pump, those faggots from the sh** dump
Feeding off the excess of new yorrrk
Like a tape worrrm
Just to give a warning
Puddles got that ring worm
Im glad the rains pouring

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