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Ed1 Jetson - Lightyears per Gallon lyrics

By @ed1jetson

In vagina beach, back from N-Y-C
With a college degree
Got enough mojo to get my chest peaked
Headin to Norfolk, to see my folks
Got a best friend in Suffolk, that sells cheap coke
Took the bridge up to Hampton, where the girls are relentless
Then I head back to green run to handle my buisness
This is a Run on run on
Its the green run hundred
I ain't got a problem
Keep the beats n girls comin
The Beats soundin beast
Beast lord got mas meat
Tho they ain't from the street
Girls be talkin mad street
As long as they freak IDC
This ain't mine, this OPP
Im OCD folding up things
Not my mom, get off my case
I'm so based, so f**ing based
Not lil b, this c**aine
Its so far up in my brain
Black holes absorb it's a shame
My shame is shared with the world
Where is the world Gonna go...
Revolution, Social media
Internet, BRIC markets and Wikipedia
Is sh** changing for the best...well see
For every right foot forward
It's like we take back three
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We were here before all
And we still ain't free
9ta5s, 40 hours a week
Is this were life is wen ur life peaks
Do u look forward to the next 48
Or just 48 wen you only 31
U ain't miss sh**, its still here just come
My work is lackin
Wen works only hashtaggin
Not tryna brag like others
But my scope is so ma**ive
Its like clearing my bong
Legalization, need pa** it
We can't keep countin on politicians
Hopin that one day, we'll get a listen
So f** the system
f** religion
Don't get mad cause I look like Jesus
I read all the books, not just the pieces
Like I said man mutha f** religion
It's being dragged out for confrontation
Shoutout those in hell for masterbation
And all the gays and the fornication
I'll see yall people's in a second
I'll right there just let me have a taste N

Binghamton... I miss you

Virginia beach.... I love you

I just wanna come down and f**in hug you

Real sh**.... Freestyle

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