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Ed1 Jetson - Just Issues lyrics

By @ed1jetson

(Verse 1)

Lazy rappers like to talk so much sh**
Its so ignorant, just pick up your feet
If you wanna make it make some viral hits
In an endless sea of opinion...
No one really gives a sh**
Tired of all the mindless braggin
Man thats going out of fashion
I came up in the underground
Under the ground of manhattan
No money, man i do this with an evil pa**ion
No honey, f** that a** and cash and...
Skate skate skate skate, keep up the grindin
On that double time, get recording time in
In that batcave, f** your friends, get it in
f** that b**h again again
Man... your so f**in ignorant

(verse 2)
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Standin in my mind, tryin to figure out my path
Read so into it i swear picked apart my past
Dont care where i end up
I just know im never going back
f** that sh** f** that sh**
Im never going back
See that life there, its a trap
Just like your marrige its an act
You know that thats a fact
Rattatat rattatat, wakaflocka where you at
Going ham grade A swag
B4 i leave just like my dad
Lines broken from the crack
Crack smoke to the sky
Raise the volume, eletrified
Raised my mind lo to high
Ive lived my life, id love to die
And i try itry i try
Still im always getting by
Bad desision, confrontations
Livining reckless, reckless cry

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