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Ed Words - Guess Who's Back lyrics

[Verse 1: Ed Words]

(do do do do do, HEY!)
Ladies and gentlemen, ed words is in the booth again
Spitting liquid medicine up in ya f**ing head again
The Pinegrove representative an ain't no better than
But i ain't take my Ritalin and need a f**ing sedative
Somebody better calm me down cuz shaun been gone awhile
Developing this crazy wild, versatile style
If, you dont know by now, im the new school general
My spit game incredible, ya whole camp forgettable
And peace to Violent J yo im back like a vertebra
Higher than the murder rate rhyme hotter than Kuwait
They said im next to be on so i (WHAT!)
Blew up hit this b**h like chris did re-on
Cuz thats the type of sh** that E on
I s**er punch these industry emcees flaunting they cash
Mother f** Lil Weezy and f** a Damion Dash
The villain way past a relapse and ain't no coming back from that
Got back on the track cuz i know you f**ers missing that

[hook x2]
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The real hiphop
Its yours
What up kid
I keep it real in this rap game

[Verse 2: Ed Words]
They told me yo i need to get back into it
So yo hand me the pen cuz im about to leak that fluid
Im spittin' murder writtens for my herd of villains
Who heard my first incision word im about to k** it
I know you missed it but im back
Rippin' vicious still smackin' wack rappers til they rappin' backwards
On a bad day they couldn't catch words stupid bastards
Who the f** you think you f**in' with b**h?
Its not a glitch trick my trigger finger still itch
And quick to leave you in a ditch without a flinch
Im like the white Brotha Lynch Hung on that Ripgut
Player if you wanna get sprung you can come and get some
Watch me rip em up from where he piss from
Ugh please believe this i break more bread than Jesus got believers
An bang more sweet senoritas than Nike's got sneakers
Im back cuz lets face facts rap truly needs this
E Words on his street sh** b**h

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