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Ed Words - Do You Like It lyrics

[Verse 1: Ed Words]

Baby love me plenty f** me s** me til im empty
While im getting hella friendly sip'n plenty henny out ya jenny
Mackenzie only 20 but she rode me like a hemi
While Wendy's in a frenzy trying to slurp me like a pepsi
Ain't no kink im a freak when i get up in them bed sheets
I beat the p**y beat the p**y beat it til its red meat
Amy know what im about for two years i was in her mouth
In and out in and out til i went a new route
And Jenny loved me gently, nah im fronting started jockey jumpin'
Pumpin' before i even got to toungin' on her plumbin' (pfft)
Jessie, yup she be all freak
Baby deep throat me to the ball meat i choke her til i fall sleep
Cindy say she miss me wanna come through for a quickie
But itty bitty tittie committee just dont be gettin' with me
Many honey's love me want my dick up in they tummy
Everybody from them grimy b**hes to them snow bunny's so

[Hook x2]
Tell me do you like how i do it to you baby (ohh yeah)
Tell me do you like how i give it to you girl
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[Verse 2: Ed Words]
Vicky kinda twiggy but i like her titties though
I tolds the ho lets take it slow we can start out with a peep show
An Katie got a baby but yo its cool though
Cuz the way she make her booty go got my tongue down to the f**in' floor
Won't never tell no slut that there's no others
No one's above her cuz Words a dirty what, a dirty mother f**er
Sorry brother but i f**ed your mother with no rubber
She loved it choked and smothered underneath the covers she's a gusher
b**h stop frontin' real players on deck
I ain't even got to talkin' about the babysitter yet
Yo, trinity been diggin' me since she was 13
She been givin' me offers on virginity to the extreme
She been mean, teasing me about being 17
Showed her that she had a big mouth and turned the little whore out

[Hook x2]
Tell me do you like how i do it to you baby (ohh yeah)
Tell me do you like how i give it to you girl

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