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EcheSketch - Seven Remix lyrics

There's still soccer in the Central lands, but I'll break God's goals
If I was really dumb, I would try to drive my car with a Playstation console
The only reason your here is because someone hid your mom's birth control
My style leaves you in dismay
Making you exclaim, "Attention attention, mayday mayday!"
The goons we all say we're 2Pac in his hayday
Do you have the guts to fuck with the lyrical genius?
I actually used to respect Wayne and the gang movement he's with (He's a blood)
Enough of the extra, perform raps berith
Damn to me rap was everything
I'm hungry for some game like Katniss Everdeen
I freak when Wayne tells me he's the best M.C
Yeah, I give you props on TC3
But why do you think best when you dose on the THC
Don't fret it's in the pocket of every average teen
I was the unexpected nigga who did it like the Mavericks team
If I really wanted beef I'd ask for a Mcdonalds' Chicken Supreme
Your mind is the dirt, let my lyrics plant the seed

Man I'm fucking done
Run and say it was just for fun, like they saw that I packed a gun
Disses like that I could shun
I chew on lasers and tasers, so my lyrics stun
I bought the Wendy's shirt with, "Where's the beef?" stiched on the front
This isn't fucking gloating
I don't give a fuck unlike Kenyon Woods and their whore teens (haha)
I diss you, and you puff like Daddy and the teacher who gives lessons on boating
This Seven remastered, twice as better, so it must be a hundred fucking 14 (114)

Man these niggas don't know what I really mean
I'm winning, I'm winning like Charlie Sheen
Watch me blast through this rap with no stutter
Hijack and blow your mind, no box cutter
Man you niggas all talk crap and you know I don't want to hear that
I'm a real G at rap
Why don't you go back to your momma
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It'll save you all that trauma
If you don't go now you'll end up with a hole in your head like Osama
I'll cut you up like the taxes after the office was took by Obama
Can't you see? I spit this shit like a llama
Viciously, now who's dissing me?
I hope in the future this shit sells hot like 140 degrees
I'm not a fucking delinquent
I'm crazy, send me to a precinct
Don't call out my name, I'm absent
I'm moving down the line like an ncca bracket
My flow sicker than a crack addict
With her immune system lowered
"Nah you ain't going to make it." Yeah I'll fucking show her
I sit back, let these faggots pass, burn grass, and crush glass
You all collapse at the simplest tasks
I'll let you all cast the future from my shady past
God weighs on me that's why I go to mass
Twisted mind, porn fetishes, speech impediments
Your pants are being filled with sediment
Nervous as fuck, so I fuck with you for the hell of it
I'm trying to be generous
I beat Rihanna to the tempo of "Look at me now."
These hits are blinding, named myself Manny Pacquiao
I might be a violent pacifist
Do I really believe in the ways of Catholics
I write down these lyrics and save them for later, it's a Seran rap
I made them follow orders, puppets, I'm Gepetto
And how you niggas suck, it's like I'm recieving fellatio
I wasn't born in the ghetto
But I went to a nice school called Fox Meadow
I crashed landed on this planet
Now who's the lyrical bandit
They talk shit so I wash out their mouth with Suave
I'll take out a twix and give you it to make you stop and pause

Goons are running shit like Usain, who's Jamaican
This is the pleasure I get, like masturbation
And the temptation, to state to the whole nation
I'm the living dedication, of all the real M.C's dead from popped bullet casing

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