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Ecco2k - GuardianAngels((NATU)) lyrics

[Verse 1: ECCO2K]
Dark alley
Black Audi
Sink em' to the bottom of the black sea
Backseat of a black taxi
Black jeans from Acne
Matched with a black T

Blood on the pavement
Shadow a**ailant
Don't make a sound
Take em' down with my hatred
Bit-money payments
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Talk to my agent
Prada sport mist, lost myself in the fragrance
I know about the past
But I don't know how to act
Once I lost my innocence I could never get it back
Black light
Out at night
Kawasaki mountain bike

Guardian angels watch over me like satellites
Satellites watch over me like guardian angels
Cover my body with designer labels
Air hockey table
Flight mode enabled
New response trails put them over the cables

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