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Ecco2k - Bleach (French Version) lyrics

[Verse 1: Bladee]
I'm drinking bleach on the beach
Make my teeth white
The darkness is 2 dark, so I need light
All white armor, looks like daylight
Put the blade to your throat, if you don't need life
New jeans, 2 stacks, and they're bleached out
And the car windows down, don't make me reach out
She said never again, but we speak now
Black heart, black soul, but its bleached now

[Verse 2: Bladee]
Bleached denim, bleached hair
GTB we don't need air
I don't breath air, we're smoking weed here
The pack smell like bleach, we're smoking seeds here
No dirt on my feet, there is no streets here
Marble floor in my house, I'm a cleaner
You can't get inside the gate, got a keeper
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Bladee is a leader
Pour bleach on my sneakers

[Verse 3: Ecco2k1]
I can bleach the darkness out your mind
White powder, white pills
Leave your body behind
Sub-zero Ice camouflage, leave you snow blind
Spending BitCoins online
Power up in no time
We the future of the frozen city
Dressed in bright white
Coming for the cold winter, stay for the nightlife
If you don't dress right, you ain't my type
Albino Alligators finna blow up my spot tonight
I feel nothing, lean without the Robitussin
Catch me smoking White Widow, sipping on a White Russian
Keep me bleached out, buzzin, for your own sake
She said bring me home and give it to me until my bones break

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