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Ebru - We Found Joseph Kony lyrics

Mr Ugandan man Ima, ima hunt you down
Got children k**in and pilligin bodies hit the ground
Bodies, bodies hit the ground
Raped and taken from their house
Kony you fony not only I will shut you down
We will we will shut you down
Evil, evil mr clown
Your mini army, you Idi Amin of now
There's kiddies starving and carving up kiddies mouths
The invisible children's silent cries are getting loud If it was you living in a dangerous place and youths
Babies are laying in graves as rooms
Crazy and brainless, hanous moves Kids are in a dump
While Kony's in a seat
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Kony don't give a crap
Cos Kony takes the pee Where my girls at?
Yep gather round
Where my fellas together he will be will be found From your Bonos to your Jiggaz
To your RhiRhi Gagas all jump on your twitters
Nothing to do with me, I just bring the realness
All the way from the Garisons up to ess** people feel dis
Dont bother murder him, keep him alive
Eye for an eye means the whole world is going blind
P - Pause the flashin lights, promos in the papers
If you bleed red blood let's make this Joseph Kony Famous Your days of reigning are over, over
The games that your playing are over over
Your days of reigning are over
The games that your playing are over, over

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