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Eboni Foster - The Conduct lyrics

[Intro: Mack 10] (Quik)
Ay Quik! (Wa**up?)
Turn me up a lil' bit (Ah, fa' sho)
Westsiiiiide~! Man, One-Oh (Mack!)
How long they been waitin on this one?
(sh**, since the seventies) Haha!

{Act like you got some cla**, and stop showing yo' a**
Sho' nuff, sho' nuff, sho' nuff, baby mama mama mama}

[Mack 10]
Yeah, you can catch me in the drop top 'Rari that's the meanest
And then hit the block on some powder-coated zeniths
Pocket full of money and a snub-nose toast
And I can't help it that I'm so West Coast
Can't explain mine, in shape for game time
Showed you how to shine and soo-woop at the same time
With a D-boy demeanor and a coke flow
And it's C.O.D. when the coke go (gone)
And you squares amuse me that, give it your best then fall
And who need a group because, I possess it all
And y'all love my wits, pull up and impress 'em all
A hall of famer Blood, I'm one of the best to ball
(Aw~!) And err'ytime they count Mack out the picture
I grab my nuts, flip them haters off and get richer
Smashin up the boulevard in a red two-seater
Chicken Hawk, DJ Quik, and the sh** off the meter - burnin up

[Chorus: DJ Quik]
That's how it's done, that's how it is
n***as lights camera action, this is showbiz
And Hollywood's too big a place to be dreamin
If you've had your dream shot down to the ground, you know the meanin
Now that's the conduct, that's what we all about
I had to learn to cut, you better call 'em out
And bring 'em right down to the floor
So we can give the motherf**er what he came here for

[Interlude: vocoder voice]
Sho' nuff, I said, it's too much ratchet sh** goin on around
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Yeah yeah, baby... Ladies, ladies, ladies, ladies, ladies
Act like you got some cla**, and stop showing yo' a**
Sho' nuff, sho' nuff, sho' nuff, baby mama mama mama

[DJ Quik]
That's Mack 10 (OH~!), he's my constituent up in this sh**
Compton to Inglewood, I think we need another clip
It's goin down like the helium's missing
Analog, that's the way I listen, I'm Louie V hoodie
+Mobb Deep+ but I ain't +Goodie+ (oh!)
I got a plot to get the dough, 12 GA dot double lot
Hit the flow slow, stick up or kick up daisies
It's our go, rhymin or stealin
Grimy k**in, 21st century chillin
They quick to try to ask Quik how I'm feelin, I'm still a villain
In Hollywood tryna make my millions
The molly's good, got me stuck to the ceiling, I'm floatin high
And I don't research nothing, n***a - I review it
I seen it all twice, I know how to do it
I'm movin that double the speed of light
Third pa**port, poppin Ambien on international flights

[DJ Quik]
I like legal tender, that's both of them
Money AND women, you know my gender, now send her
I'm like Em, got a grip on my balls
Middle finger to the world screamin (FUCK ALL YOU HATEFUL MOTHERFUCKERS~!)
I smoke weed then I spray the Febreeze
Mix it all up like some fondue cheese
I'm FLY - and this should let you know how
I never wash my a** and my face with the same towel
Got n***as in my hood that can't even buy gold
But swearin up and down that they ballin out of control
You n***as is fakin (oh!), actin like they got c**aine bakin
With a f**in day job at the train station
And they gotta reapply every year for that job
GET THE FUCK off my knob, n***a!
Because all you do is lie, I got a political prize
And every b**h that I f** with got big thighs
WHAT?? Huh... huh... f** all!

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