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Eboi - Immigrants lyrics

I rep for the immigrant ones
Right where a whole lot of immigrants from
Raised on the Blue Line where they riot
And they all speak in immigrant tongues
Talking bout integration
You tell me who the ignorant one
I was born here but my mom gave birth
To a second generation immigrant son
Immigrant hood, immigrant gangs
Watch how you step to an immigrant man
You don't wanna step on no toes
And get into it with his whole immigrant fam
Yup, some immigrants hang
By the trainstop doing immigrant things
Gå o klipp geri för hafla, brush
Now that right there is some immigrant slang
Ask my whole immigrant click
Cops round here make an immigrant sick
Like why you gotta f** with me
Punk get the f** up off my immigrant dick
That's an everyday immigrant sit'
Make the skin of an immigrant itch
Lookin disgusted when I get approached like
Who you think you intimidate b**h
Fall in love with a immigrant chick
My tendencies tend to be immigrantish
My whole buildin smell like Injera
That's a good f**in immigrant dish
Going home, immigrant wish
Down for whatever to make an immigrant rich
Stack that bread, send it back home
Now that right there is some immigrant sh**
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Foreign folks
Right by the mosque in foreign clothes
In a hood full of satellite dishes
Watching the favorite foreign shows
Northwest side, foreign zone
You can tell when you in a ”foreign” home
And you know what it is when you pa**in
Them boyz and they smell like foreign-grown
And the story goes
sh** pop off on the foreign boats
Foreign men, mafia sh**
Bringin in a whole lotta foreign hoes
In town with foreign dough
Lookin for domestic or foreign ”whoa”
My friend, the right rate is
Guaranteed to getchu some foreign blow
Love dat foreign trade
Got it for cheap and it's foreign-made
And as soon as the order comes in
Another car ends up with foreign plates
Scandinavian, born and raised
Far from ashamed of my foreign name
These punks deported my father
Sent him back home on a foreign plane
Foreign friends
Foreign dope, foreign trends
Foreign means to a foreign end
Foreign guns, foreign gems
From the the place of the foreign-sent
Refugees of a foreign blend
With so many wars in the world
Where the f** you think those foreigners went

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