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E-Roc - Knock It Off lyrics

You know some people in my city wear the finest clothes
Fast cars, bangin' systems and designer phones
The newest big screen TVs inside they homes
Hydraulics, on dubs and lots of shinin' chrome
Then you go to their apartment and there's no milk in the fridge
They months late on child support steady gyppin' they kids
Whole place is run down with no cash in the bank
Matter of fact they thousands of dollars down in the tank
Yo, Absent ain't like that. I spend responsibly
And pick up just about anything I can find for free
And I don't blow my money on 40s, smokes and blunts
I only rock shirts with alligators embroidered on the front
Okay. Maybe not but I copped some fake Obsession
From a cat selling outside of the parking lot at Food 4 Less
And what's more, I used to get shoes from drug stores
I got clowned for my Ponys back in grade number 4
See, back then, everyone had new Air Jordans
I was sportin' Filos, Reebaks and Doc Mortons
Nobody make fun of my shoes aiight
Brand new Adidas with 4 stripes

Knockoffs, it's the Knockoffs...
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Tijiuana Tolex, rubber band Boflex
Got my can of Dr. Thunder y'all...

I got upset yo
When heads made fun of my Geo Metro
So I splurged a little, traded it in for that used Echo
Them Ford Focuses was just a little too pricey
I never get pulled over even when I'm going 90
You'll find me at the grocery store, comparin' the price
Stocking up on Top Ramen pasta and rice, yo
Check the lyrical style running a miracle mile
Up and down the cereal isle
Buying them giant bags of generic cereal from the shelf next to the floor
Cause that way you pay less and get more
I got the Coco Blasts and the Ricey Crunchies
Fruity Hula Hoops and the Choco Puffies
Oh you saying that's cheap, man, back off, it's all the same stuff
Just in a big bag instead of a little box
And you don't get, like, a toy and stuff, but so what? I'm supposed to spend like 2 dollars more for that little box of cereal just to get that plastic toy...

Knockoffs, it's the knockoffs...
Let's go to that 3 dollar movie y'all
Me in my fake Gucci y'all, dollar store fat laces

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