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E-Roc - I'm Brown (Boricua Anthem) lyrics

Foundation, Boricuas rise up, huh, yeah, yo...

I'm brown, even though we come in all colors
From the bricks to the suburbs I'ma rep for my brothers
To the Latin queens who fall too often as single mothers
Trust me, we love you, though we do the things that thugs do
I know it bugs you, stop and breathe, life we must do
All praise is due to the women, holding us down since the beginning
I'm brown! That's how I'm living
Proud, that's the feeling I get cause I'm Latino
From the Bean to Puerto Rico, Clemente to Albizu
I'ma rep for my people in the belly o'evil
Organize, that's the game plan, from islands to mainland
We repping the same clan, got roots from the same man
Taíno, Spaniard and African

I'm brown, and we all young lords
From Pun to The Floor Lords, four-door Honda Accords
Drop to the floor, but we so much more
No one as proud as us, look how rowdy we get
At the festival, each year lively as sh**
Like, qué bonita bandera, rocking the guayabera
Ciento por ciento boricuas, se lo digo a cualquiera
Marina pa'fuera, cause this is our era
Shining stars from P.R. trapped far
But we are beautiful people
I'm brown from Arecibo
I'ma rep' that every day, rep' that in every way
I pray for a better day, that's why I say

I'm brown, and I feel it in my soul
We gotta let 'em know we tired of they bull
Too many locked bodies, cops
Rise up PuertoRocs, pump your fist
If you feelin' that, then hit 'em hard with the left
Like Tito Trinidad, from the Bronx to Chi Town
D.C. to Beantown, we repping the scene now
And here from the inception, that's a blessin'
In my veins flows the salsa of Willy Colón
From San Juan to Bayamón, I dedicate this canción
To revolutionaries, like Lolita Lebrón
In the eighties and still strong, despierta boricua
We been a colony for too long
No longer using Vieques to drop bombs
But we stay stressed, we want the Pentagon gone
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But clean up your mess, like our basketball team did to the U.S

I'm brown, like the skin on the congas playing the beat
And I'm hot like P.R. during the summer heat
Cool down with a piragua from Ponce
De Caguas, Culebra to Naranjito
I'm brown like Tito Puente
Rep' hard para mi gente
Caliente, like mami's cooking
Rice and beans, you can smell it in the streets of Brooklyn
Alcapurrias, pastelillos y bacalao
Look at us now, somehow we stay struggling
On the corners hustling, it's puzzling
The system tries to keep us locked down
Los Yanquis getting fuego
Just ask Roy Brown, I'm brown

And on the corner playing dominoes, stacking our plátanos
Trust me I'm brown and I'm not afraid to show it
I'm a genius, and a Jibaro poet, huh
I'm brown, I'm that if I ain't nothing else
I'm brown, I'm beautiful, I love myself
I'm brown and I'm a proud Puerto Rican
For my dreams I'm reaching, independence we achieving
From my heart is how I'm speaking, I'm brown

For my Boricuas on the mainland
And on the island con mucho orgullo
Para todo mi gente latino
From the islands, South and Central America y México
Stop letting the U.S. steal our resources
And treat us like second-hand citizens in our own lands
It's bigger than pride, know your history
Don't just wave a flag, know who made it and why

We've been imperialized by Spain and the U.S. for too long
Too many have forgotten their roots
That's the truth, from the booth to the streets, each one teach one
We brothers and sisters, we need to look out for each other
And stop making war with each other, that's what they want from us
That's what they expect, the struggle continues
Shout out to the PuertoRocs holding us down
From Tony Touch to Fat Joe, {Termin?} and Dramatic
All the breakers, DJs and graff' writers keep doing your thing
Rest in peace Big Pun

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