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E-Blaze - Magic lyrics

Yeah, uh huh
You ain't gangsta, you lack iron like anemia
If a picture's a thousand words, we encyclopedia
We been high since Ringolevio
Now we known in Indonesia, without the media
No friendly neighbors, they got many faces
But not many make it, so let the Henney save us
It's your favorite rapper's favorite
And she saw me on the Basement and gave me what's sacred
Now you a pimp? Put that ho in check (true)
You a king? Well that's something that we haven't noticed yet
If we don't like the rules, we make our own
We Bronx icons (like who?), like Nice & Smooth, KRS-One and Bambaataa
Criminal Minded, fall back! Before I Planet Rock ya
Hip-hop Ali, never call me Ca**ius Clay
We broke chains in '92 when we ran away
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Now who gave him the blueprint to sell out the trunk?
Go 'head, say my sh** whack, we gonna get out and thump
We got 'em Hip-hop Hoorayin' it, the arms still wavin'
The rhymes still special, the beats still blazin'
We jump start labels, without booster cables
Our rare grooves made us blow like air moves
We make the sound that amaze the town
Been around the world courtesy of James Brown
Dirty on the Ave and we livin' a wild life
Walk a inch in my shoe is like runnin' a mile twice
I don't choose sides, I even odds, even Nas
Know I'm God's Son, but the devil make me pee in jars
It's the Noam Chomsky of poem
Got armies in Rome, you an R&B clone
Aren't we grown? (Yes) It's Show & A
And if I ain't the best then why am I feelin' alone?

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