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E-Blaze - Against the Wall lyrics

I get my back up off the wall - I gotta get it (aha!)
I gotta get it, I got, got to get it
Now get your back up off the wall and go and get it (come on)
I gotta get it, I got, got to get it

Now if you ain't scared, and I ain't scared - it's nothin' left for us to say, my n***a
Let's get it on!
Uh uh on, uh uh on, uh-huh-uh-huh-uh uh uh on

[Verse 1: A.G.]
This is our song - so n***as run along (long)
Came a hundred strong. You could hear'em when I'm comming on (comming on)
f** with O' and A' - it's no fun at all
We bring the rain when the lightning and the thunder [is] gone

She got curves - and I caught her looking
Threw it straight down the pipe - couldn't handle the fast ball (fast)
Jeans [are] so baggy cause I'm rapping my a** off (a** off)
We do it so well they created a task force

Hip Hop intel. Lot o' my friends fell (yep)
Him got knocked and him tell
The Devil know him well, cause I'm in Hell
The sh** I state, could be a great debate so call Denzel (ha. ha)

And tell him I'm a man on fire
Not HBO - but yo, they got my man on the wire
And I be trying to tell'em; my n******gs, slow down (slow down)
You gon' get sent up when it all goes down (goes down)

But he don't hear my vision, like a movie with no sound
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I'm the same when they say I ain't better than those clowns (yup)
With his back against the wall he said; 'ay I gotta get it (right)
If it's jail I'm gon' live it, you just spit it. Come now![?]


[Verse 2: A.G.]
No I'm not a gangster - I don't shoot slugs (nope)
Nah, I'm not a dealer - I don't move d** (uh, uh!)
I never been a k**er - but my weapon is love (yep)
With my back against the wall, do all of the above

That's reality for me - gradually you'll see
Me moving up the ladder while they savaging[?] me
Don't aggree with the rapper in me, rather see the clap[?] in me
The voice I don't just happen to be (uh, uh!)

That's God's concept, so immaculately. Done
He called med King, was crowned on year one
My eyes tell a story - of pain and struggle
Victory and glory (glory), robbery and poverty

Uncomfortable silence and violence
Tyrants, sirens - yeah it's all a part of me
Got more lines than loose leafs. So magnetic!
I got the groupies calling me Kool Keith

Where I'm from is desolate - you ever get a shot
Better get a fast car. Keep going and never quit!
Man can't rule man - only God can
Looking for the lead role? I play the part, man


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