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Dynas - #HomeTeam lyrics

Yeah that's right, It's time, it's time to bring it home
We're from the bottom, this is Home Team
Crazy Hood

[Verse 1:]
I trouble youth, my mother use to pull her hair out
We only play with toys when we let the guns air out
Life was super stress, 15 and gray hairs on my chest
“A” ball, triple B, no round pad on my desk
Is just the way we raised in the county a day
Lots of options, no distractions, choices never get made
Money come,money go, fast as goal in your holes
You can't walk a mile in my kicks, I burnt out the soles
This ain't nothing that you ain't heard before
Am just reiterating facts and that's the style of the flow
See ever since when I was a kid, I thought wouldn't be sh**
I chose to bleed the city dry for everything I could get
Say this to any body, have to to you to the cla**
It's 3 o' 5 for the ignorant that can't do the math
Rock bottom on the map is where it's at
It's in the gold shrine, stage second on the map mother f**er

[Verse 2:]
Yeah, black jack animal, blacks it's in tangible
I was in the lane with Generino couldn't stand the view
Luther was indomable, Ricky was the boss
They were wrong, raised as shooters and black dickies with the ho
Last days of the gods of the streets of Oakland park
Me and Chris rolled around pulled the whip, now it was on
Now uncle Al pa**ed, we still ain't got pa**ed that
Some b**h shot him, boy I need a gas mask
My homies smoke bunk, lungs blacker than a trash bag
Losers lost their breath, I guess we got the last laugh
Rope drop scar, trick daddy round the yard
Thought Creener is his bro
But my mother was superior, daddy saw fury bro
Bottom of the map, Crippy sending my alterium

[Verse 3:]
Yeah, I'll fight to the day that I die mother f**er
Pulling the drivers in my mid teens
Riding round with some riders, It wasn't all that
But god damn we were wilding, yeah I did some crimes with them
But I ain't really vibe with them, y'all know what time it is
Take it every “ning nail”, they know where to just sell
Through to school or not, you gonna fail if you have fraile
Me a got a thick skin, hate a whole lot a sh**
Got fed up and then eventually started popping it
Rocking like a mother f**er desparate as hell to get out of here
But you cannot escape with this in your head
I would run from it all, but am too confuse to move
Had to sold my soul for powers i can't even use
Lyrical soup, a soldier you talking about peace
But i don't know what that is, am here to give them the big
Rock bottom of the map is where it's at
Ever since I was a kid, you don't believe that
Them better rap

[Verse 4:]
Yeah, New things, same crew, ain't sh** change
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Still crazy, still hood, still my dead grave
Still number one priority, get paid
Still smoke OG just to think straight
Been on a mission, n***as searching for a big play
Never sell my soul, never will I switch lane
Never game in and now I'm like a switchblade
I survive being real, never b**h made
Old blue jeans, fresh new Chris Jade
Same flow, new lab on biscame
Look out the window all i see is the triple lay
I can't believe this sh** change in a big way
Cannibal Heckler, back for the replay
I need your fans to get my number one DJ
The rock bottom of the map is where it's at
The rhythm of the f**ers is all it's at

[Verse 5:]
First of all, the county is dead, not wake
And every time it breathes, it bleeds into my hear?
Every time am speaking you can put that on your momma
I got two uncles; one Al, one Luke
I pack a shoe that'll shoot you over everything it distributes
I can't explain it to you, maybe it's the weather dog
Got these n***as wild out, rad for whatever dog
Maybe it's the way we live, maybe it' the cheddar yow
Got these n***as plotting, scheming, dying get it all
We not in the mindframe, you all dig?
I use to be a dog but now am a supreme being
The shockra doctor, all I seeing
Time lost, dick never wife and no European
f** what you think? My third eye don't blink
I come through sipping the green drink
Riding this until I style you legend or you're a hero in this thing
Speaking with long breath but it turn all bleek
Speaking with long breadth but it turn all bleek [x2]

[Verse 6:]
From the get go, Mother Superia beneficial
Well documented, spitting fire never been an issue
For the king, if you're gonna be it
Put your money on this absolute on the rocks
Straight from the rock, bottom of the map
I put it on the map, I see these grafted cats don't even know how to act
What to do with that? You want us do with that?
Before the bottom feeds us, know what to do with that
It's bonafide, 3 o' 5 when I lace
So lyrically, colossal from the land of the base
Drop like a getaway, like the network on face
Sees the beast with the feast, now open the floodgates
Watch me gosh, got these chicken sandbag his face
Gone to Boston with this grammar from Cali to Southdale
From the undeniable, wet queen of the city
Original bottom b**h, ain't none a y'all f**ing with me
The undeniable queen of the city
Original bottom b**h, they still can't f** with me, yeah
That's right man, y'all can't f** with us man
Where from the bottom of the map
M.I.A, 3 o'5, DJ EFN
That's right , it's Crazy Hood mother f**er
Crazy Hood, Crazy Hood Productions
And we out

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