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Dynamite Hack - Laura lyrics

laura i would tie my hair in knots
to get a look from you
and i would never think
that's alot for me to do
and when you said you were
busy yesterday
and went out with your friends
i sat home and thought
of what to say when i saw you again

even though you treat me bad
break my heart and sleep around
i never get too mad
'cause i know you and
how you can be
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that's why i'll never let you

get away from me... that easily

i watched 10 romance
movies on tv
just last night alone
think of what a great
boyfriend i could be
if you'd just come back home
but no jake's better
he's got a good physique
he's stupid but he's huge
i was just as cut as that big creep
when mojo led the luge

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