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Dynamite Hack - Call It A Night lyrics

don't give me no sh**
that's why i'm gone
this isn't how it's supposed to be
with you crawling in my skin
i just can't care about anything
how'd it happen? who's to blame?
i want you less and less each day
so stop following me
i've got nothing left to say

i just wanna be alone
sit here getting stoned

and i don't wanna fight
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but you never let it go

it's getting on my nerves
so let's call it a night

i'm a jerk, i'm a dog
that's what you'll say about me
when you know I'm not around
next you can't live without me
you hang around with all my friends
my life your forcing your way in

don't say heartbreak
it's over now- it's too late

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