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Dynamic Arrangement - The Let Go lyrics

Skit: Marv from Sin City

What the hell, go out with a bang

Intro: Teezy

Uh Oh

Verse 1: Teezy

Honestly I'm not sure if they really love or hate me
Cause all the bipolar activity is f**in' crazy
And I would rather you give me a no than give a maybe
But the chances is slim and that's word to my n***a Shade
And lately I been goin' crazy in the studio
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I jot it all down and let it go just so the fans can know
Yo it's crazy how they can hate you but watch you so closely
And if they ever say I changed then they never known me
Now a days I'm like f** it I'm turning to the cold me
But I'm good as long as I got this music and my homies
True pa**ionate poet you can tell how I be flowin'
b**h I don't need no navigation I know where I'm goin'
Straight to the top if it's the last thing I do dawg
Everybody know I make more moves than U-Haul
Could give a f** about haters long as my fans listen
Now watch the transition switch, transmission, b**h! Gone

Outro: Marv from Sin City

You keep holding out on me and I'm gonna have to get really nasty

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