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Dylan howell - Taken away lyrics

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I know i let you down and though you say the days are happy why is the power off and im f**ed up and mom i know hes not around But dont you place the blame on me as you pour yourself another drink i guess we are who we are headlights shining in the darknight i drove on maybe we took this to far i went in headfirst thinking about who what i said would hurt in waht verse my mom probably got it the worse the brunt of it but as stubborn as we are did i take it to far cleaning out my closet and all them other hugs but mom youe still beautiful to me casue your my mom thought it for you to be callin my house it was vietnam Desert storm and both of us can for an atomic bomb. equivalent to chemical warfare and forever we can drag this on and on But agree to disagree that gift from me under the christmas tree does mean sh** to me your not kicking me out its 15 degrees and Christmas eve Ma let me get my coat anything to have eachothers goats ma why we always at eachothers throats. Especially when dad f**ed us both were in the same f**ing boat with dad like it made a DEAL OR MADE US CLOSE further away it drove us bu together headlines shinin a car full of belongings still got aways to grow back to my moms house its straight up the road and i thought i was the man of the house the oldest so my shoulders carried the weight of the load Then i got tooken away by the state at 3 years old and thats when i realized that you were sick and it wasn't really fixeable or changeable and to this day we remained estraged the same way i guess we are wgo we are headlights shinin in the darknight i drie on i guess sometimes we took it to far casue to this day we renained estaged and i hate it though cause you ain't even get to witness your grandbabys growth.But im going momma its the time you were angry Rightfully maybe so never meant to this far to take it though cause now i know its not your fault and im not making up jokes i know anger played on the radio 2nd i seringe it plays at shows and i think of being placed at home and all the medicine they fed us and how i just wanted you to taste your own but now medications taken over and your mental states detiorating slow and iom way to old to cry and that sh**s to painful though

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