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Dylan howell - Rhymes lyrics

U better get a leash cause your a freak hoe specialize in wood like she home depot
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Im like chico debarge we stars roscoe polo Trainin in these bars man homies ne lyin talking about tha bust a heater maybe more like Justin bieber. Leaving my rivals underground like sky 24's how i do i have her laying in the street with a bullet in his motha f**in head like Eryas body i found irony in benz place where im vacuring Gucci mane getting white boy wasted and white boy tasted im tryna get rid of this weight like k fed we like that once in a life time thinking to you that ain't the prom the next time mc that rhyme official with ref with a whistle tha ait young money imma definintly diss you if you rhyming packing a mack in the backm of the ac or perhaps you can try yo match college for knowledge you thugs comparing you comparing superman to bugs bunny im like the white michael vick phycho enough to stick michael J fox I might make a little alize with a side of Nyquil and ride a motorcyle bike night through the side of my highschool Satans disciple with a sniper rifle and a knife to a white diaper Liable so dope off of opiates what an appropriate way to start off his day he may just smart off of Dr. Drey he may be hard to contain cause his rage is so hard to gage see hummified ate his face and met jason knocked off his leg amazing hard enough for razor and blades and anything sharp even poisonous thoughts it all plays a major part in his game holy water dont hard him off playin the ward tell he gets knocked off the block

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