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Dylan howell - Love lyrics

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Yo yo its dylan howell this is my lover me and January boyfriend and girlfriend for life i'll half talk to jesus and i need to stop the fight so homie you better get right so turn off the light makin love in the night. im goin to make love tonight as long as my b**hes love me cause im a g. she said i neva want you to cry cause january im so nice and fly. cause i f**ed your pusssy dry. im sorry babe i didn't mean to say that i said that im a lie. but i love you babe sorry that i said that your like my purple dove babe. hopefully when we get older we can have a boy named gabe i can give a f** bout no hater as long as no b**hes love me its dylan in the house f** you so hard i got you aroused. but i would neva do that to you ill half to shoot someoene over this crap homie you better be quiet and shut your trap. cause young b**h im trying to rap. this is my gang icp dont f** with creeps well thats me b**h dont f** with me peeps. im a young dude got a lot of people wanting to soo me dude you got fat a** people eating a bunch of chew i said hey fata** lay off the food. your acting like the f**in croods drinking so much in the v.i.p. got a lot of booze. but you got me f**ed up you s** balls and you ain't with the goons. b**h you better s** my spoon. makin raps and makin tunes. and playin hockey for the bruins. im gonna half to make a rap about sewin sewin your a** cause your trash and my girl ready to flash

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