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Dylan howell - Burn lyrics

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Jets and movers cesspoolers meth abusers you step to us Rugers to respect the shooters my men think in sync roll with the best crew move to the beat of the same drum without lex luger Melcome to nay hood big in hte jects, G cheated d**h multiple times without rigging the deck so im well prepped if oyu just want war there will be blood everywhere you ne layin on the loubitin floor its raw you keep acting like you dont know the house guard your j**els and avoid large tools cause after i spill you a the light you be in the car pool keep your distance from idiots cause the truth told they food for thoughts rotten them jems and the fools gold meed resuls for my action mistakes ill exonerate im martin luther king staring at a picture of obamas face talking funds homiez ain't never seen a stock i dont need the key to the game i pick a mean lock.take off you invited inside of my mind of a psychotic rhymer im kind of a Dahmer im grinding up rappers are lining up jackers im climbing up ladders i buy enough clappers to retire your factors fire at drama you liars and actors im the genuine article but read me wrong get my gun and split you with particles. the gold hand tell me where im am there not only heir to the throne but my chair is suspended in the airstay fly like limited fare you got us pegged wrong my circle dont fit in with squares. smell sh** and piss know where im coming from you stepped on number two just to be number one now im a step on you bring it to the yard yogart for arts and we go hard you frauds just blow hard like broads i coast guard the west im mozrt i compose dark sh** with no heart. i got jim bean with the liver gettin cleaned like the clean clippers with haters on my dick like a jeans zipper.when i throw up 16's like i drink liquor you think you seen sick well b**h you ain't seen sicker thats a cracker that will hop around in a hospital gown popping the trunk my pump will stay cocking around i sh** logs and i piss river brown cause i drink creek water and spit the river nilee and thats as close as i get to the pyramid sh** they think illuminati so f**in ignorantsick with a grin here with this pen so innocent but when you win they say you a sin but in the end skinny a** pants sagging it s only yourself when you are playing call me a clown but you love what the clowns saying im a freak shows at the county carnival then you paying im an old 89 no piece if you pay me give me peace sign on my grill no mercedes im getting paid for these shows that i throw latelysame shows a year ago would have broken most of you crazies

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