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Dublin Fair - Now And Ever After lyrics

'Twas a morning fair when I walked out
Down by Greenwood meadows
Fairies danced in the misty dew
The sun it chased the shadows

By Spencil Hill I chanced to spy
A maid so quite adoring
So sweetly she sang Avondale
It set my hearth a-roving

Love it fell out of the blue
And I went tumbling after
I only want to be with you
For now and ever after

Her hair was black as a ravens wing
Her eyes were deep blue oceans
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Skin was purest lily white
She set my heart a roving

Boldly then she took my hand
My love she whispered gently
Come follow me to Avondale
Where you and I shall marry


Like the morning mist she danced her way
Down through Greenwood valley
And in the sky the sun she rose
And chased the nightly shadows

I stopped to pick a rose so red
To give to my true loved one
But when I looked the mist was gone
And so was my lover

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