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Dub War - Love Is lyrics

So what you got 2 give
This is what you made it
I'm stepping from this trip
No more do i need it
Sharks and there's fishes in the sea
I don't want no other fish
There's only one for me yeh
Love is here no
Love is here
Love is
Love is here no
Love is here
Dearly beloved
We're gathered here today
Don't pay no notice
To what i have to say
Laying in the bed of roses
Torn apart by thorns
Watching angel's halo's
Love is here no
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Love is here
Love is
Love is here no
Love is here
Well if all dat ah want you want
Denner dat you ago get
You no experience dis ah one yet
Search no more don't bother
Worry or fret
Coz dis is something dat ya bound for forget
Head spit in to nuff scars of war
Take me out equal the score
Buzzing like the trampoline
Go check the gra** it ain't no greener
The more you fly
The more you crawl
Got my back up against the wall
Harsh words are said in anger
What don't k** me make me stronger

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