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Dub War - Greedee lyrics

Now hear dis
Tell dem dredlocks
I won you fe know dis
every time we come
we come intelligent - seen
if we no come intelligent
then we no come at all
dub war bring it first - seen
Rock out
with a different touch
coming with the strength and power of dynamite
we no ramp or skin with it
yes we come for jump into the apocalypse
grabericious and dangerous
wanting more yet fit to bust
eye dem bigger
dan dem belly
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changing the books an the history
if life was a ting dat money could buy
the rich would live and the poor would die
Step it up
greediness it a run de country
it's like a disease
we got from the age of 3
give me 1, 2, 4, 5
more than i can stand
as soon we gerrit
it burn a hole in your hand
wa was wa oh my god
some of us are living
but we find it hard
worship the face of ya currency
give the needy not the...

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