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Duane Baron - Scarred lyrics

To Rise, To Fall
To Hurt, To Hate
To Want, To Wait
To Heal, To Save
Can't hear it, we fear it
Awareness won't come near it
Distractive, reactive
Disguised in spite of time

[Verse 1]
I never bared my emotion
My pa**ion always strong
I never lost my devotion
But somewhere fate went wrong
Can't let them rape me again
Your venom's not family here
Won't let them fill me with
Fatalistic remedies
What if the rest of the world
Was hopelessly blinded by fear?
Where would my sanctity live?
Suddenly nobody cares
It's never enough
You're wasting your time
Isn't there something I could say?
You don't understand
You're closing me out
How can we live our lives this way?
You tell me I'm wrong
I'm risking my life
Still, I have nothing in return
I show you my hands
You don't see the scars
Maybe you'll leave me here to burn

What if the rest of the world
Was hopelessly drowning in vain?
Where would our self pity run?
Suddenly everyone cares

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[Chorus 1]
Blood...Heal me
Fear...Change me
Belief will always save me
Conviction made aware

[Chorus 2]
Give up on misery
Turn your back on dissent
Leave their distrust behind
Wash your hands of regret

[Verse 2]
Do you feel you don't know me anymore?
And do you feel I'm afraid of your love?
And how come you don't want me asking?
And how come my heart's not invited?
You say you want everyone happy
Well, we're not laughing
And how come you don't understand me?
And how come I don't understand you?
Thirty years say we're in this together
So open your eyes
People in prayer for me
Everyone there for me
Sometimes I feel I should face this alone
My soul exposed
It calms me to know that I won't

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

[Chorus 1]

Learning from misery
Staring back at dissent
Leaving distrust behind
I'm inspired and content

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