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Duane Baron - Mr. Tinkertrain lyrics


[Verse 1]
Would you like some sweeties little girl? Come a little closer
I'm gonna show you a brand new world tonight
I've got a palace full of fantasy
Ready made just for you and me
Once you're there I'm gonna take you for a ride

I got a one way ticket
To take you to the other side
I got a one way ticket
So come along and don't be shy

They call me Mr.Tinkertrain
That's how I got to get my name
They call me Mr.Tinkertrain
So come along and play my game
You'll never be the same

[Verse 2]
Close the curtains and turn out the lights
Beneath my wing it's gonna be alright
A little secret just for you and me
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I've got the kind of toys you've never seen
Manmade and a bit obscene
Little angel come and sit upon my knee



Never be the same
Can you say Mr.Tinkertrain?

[Zakk Wylde guitar solo]

[Verse 3]
No use crying cause you can't go back
Now you're here to stay
You can't run, you can't hide
You can't tell me what I feel inside


That's why they call me Mr.TinkerTrain

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