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Duane Baron - Innocence Faded lyrics

[Verse 1]
Breathes a cloudless mind
Leaves the doubting blind
Until the circle breaks and wisdom lies ahead
The faithful live Awake
The rest remain misled

Some will transcend spinning years
One as if time disappears

Innocence faded
The mirror falls behind you
Trinity jaded
I break down walls to find you

[Verse 2]
Callow and vain
Fixed like a fossil, shrouding pain
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Pa**ionless stage
Distant like brothers
Wearing apathetic displays
Sharing flesh like envy in cages
Not intending to end



Beginnings get complicated
The farther we progress
Opinions are calculated
Immune to openness
Beyond the circle's edge
We're driven by her blessings
Forever hesitating
Caught beneath the wheel


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